A stunning, high-performance LED unit by PowerPlant. Boasting Osram and Samsung LED chips, this unit produces a lush, full-spectrum light that will give excellent results for both growth and bloom. With absolutely no compromise on efficacy and output, the PowerPlant Lighting 650 W LED is designed to provide a truly effortless installation and maintenance experience for the user. It is more compact, lighter, and easier to assemble than its competitors, and fully controllable via the PowerPlant LED Controller.

Full spectrum light emitted by Samsung 3000K & 6500 K chips and Osram 660nm chips, PPF rating of 1700 umols/s, Excellent efficiency indicated by a rating of 2.6umols/j, Controllable via a controller, 8 bar design
Ideal for heat management, Lightweight compared to similar units on the market (12.5kg).

Tech Specs

Lighting Output PPF  1700 umols/s 
Efficacy  2.6 umols/J 
AC Input Power  650 W 
IP Rating  IP65 
AC Input Voltage  100-277 V AC 50/60 Hz 
Lifetime  L90 > 50,000 hr