The PowerPlant range is full of outstanding quality lighting equipment to help achieve your plants optimum growth. The innovative range includes a unique reflector, metal halide and HPS lamps, a controllable ballast and controller, and more.

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650W LED Fixture – Boasting Osram and Samsung LED chips, this unit produces a lush, full-spectrum light that will give excellent results for both growth and bloom. With absolutely no compromise on efficacy and output, the PowerPlant Lighting 650 W LED is designed to provide a truly effortless installation and maintenance experience for the user.

PowerPlant LED Controller – This controller allows growers to control up to 100 linked fixtures at once, it is programmable to control a day/night lighting cycle and it simulates a period of ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’ to protect plants from sudden light and temperature change.


Metal-Halide – The PowerPlant Metal Halide lamp emits a balanced spectrum of light with enhanced blues, supporting healthy vegetative growth. Using this lamp, growers can expect their plants to grow densely, with large leaves and thick stems.

Super HPS – The PowerPlant Super HPS lamp is a premium-quality specialist flowering lamp, specifically designed to promote vigorous flowering and high yield.


600 W Controllable Ballast – Regulate large grow rooms with the help of a controller and the 600 W Controllable Ballast. It allows you control multiple ballasts and have them all running in synergy on the same settings.

Ballast Controller – The PowerPlant Controller is designed to make controlling your grow-lighting easy – even on a large scale.


Mantis Reflector – The Mantis offers outstanding quality and allows you to adjust the angle of your reflector wings with 5 different settings, without compromising the strong, robust design. It is created out of 94% reflective V53 material, ensuring high reflectivity resulting in optimal growth for your plants.

AeroWing  – Control temperature and maximise the power of your grow lighting with the PowerPlant AeroWing Reflector. It is an enclosed, air-cooled reflector designed to fit easily into a ventilation system.


Easy-Rolls – The Easy-Rolls light hangers are great for achieving optimum height level for any reflector. They offer a handy mechanism that allows you to adjust the height of your light or reflector as your plants grow.

Heavy Duty Timer – The Heavy Duty Timer is a 24-hour timer that allows a grower to have greater control over their electrical equipment by turning it on and off automatically. It is suitable for inductive loads up to 8 amps, with built-in high-quality contacts meaning they will not burn or weld together.