Mantis Reflector

The Mantis offers outstanding quality and allows you to adjust the angle of your reflector wings with 5 different settings, without compromising the strong, robust design. It is created out of 94% reflective V53 material, ensuring high reflectivity resulting in optimal growth for your plants.

Adjustable wing positioning allows growers to position the reflector wings to their requirements. The wings form a succession of perfect dual parabolic shapes when assembled, enabling you to focus light spread and intensity according to your plant’s needs.

The Mantis is quick and easy to set up with no need for any tools to help you, it won’t trap heat or restrict air movement and it is easy to adjust without affecting the shape of the reflector.

The 96% V53 reflectivity of the mantis is extremely high. Better reflectivity means more light available for your plants, which should provide a greater yield!

Tech Specs Single-Ended

Suitable for up to 600 W HPS Lamps

E40 Connection

Max. Load                250 V – 6 A

Tech Specs Double-Ended

Suitable for up to 1000 W Double-Ended HPS Lamps

K12 x 30s Connection

Max. Load                250 V – 10 A