Super HPS Lamp

PowerPlant lamps are tailored to promote optimum development at each plant growth stage. The PowerPlant Super HPS lamp is a premium-quality specialist flowering lamp, specifically designed to promote vigorous flowering and high yield.

Key USPs:

  • Maintains consistent performance over a life span of 28,000 hours
  • Multiple Wattage Bulb options available – growers can choose which lamp is best for their grow
  • High PAR value, with balanced output in the red spectrum promoting vigorous plant biomass growth
  • Raised output in the far-red spectrum (700-780nm) promotes flowering and leaf expansion

The PowerPlant Super HPS lamp is ideal for use with the PowerPlant Mantis SE Reflector. All HPS lamps MUST be connected to a ballast.

Science behind the product
A high-pressure sodium lamp uses sodium to create light. High pressure lamps have more components than low pressure and contain other substances such as mercury. The lamp produces a clarity of light that creates vivid colour from objects illuminated by it.

The arc tube of a high-pressure sodium light is made out of aluminium oxide, due to its resistance to the high pressure, and xenon, a stable noble gas. This is used as a starter for the light because it is extremely unreactive: it does not interfere with the chemical reactions occurring in the operating lamp.

Voltage runs to the light through a ballast, which regulates the current.

Tech Specs

250 W

Wattage                       250 W

Current                        3.0 A

Voltage                       100 V

Lumens                       33,000 lm

Colour Temp.              2000 K

PAR Value                   400 μmol/s

400 W

Wattage                     400 W

Current                      4.6 A

Voltage                     100 V

Lumens                     54,500 lm

Colour Temp.            2000 K

Life Hours                 32,000

PAR Value                 700 μmol/s

600 W

Wattage                      600 W

Current                        6.1 A

Voltage                       110 V

Lumens                      130,000 lm

Colour Temp.              2000 K

Life Hours                   28,000

PAR Value                   1000 μmol/s

1000 W

Wattage                    1000 W

Current                      10.3 A

Voltage                      110 V

Lumens                     130,000 lm

Colour Temp.             2000 K

Life Hours                  24,000

PAR Value                  1550 μmol/s